Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill: May 17!


Beacon Hill wall (hiding garden!) / Wikimedia Commons

Beacon Hill wall (hiding a garden!) / Wikimedia Commons

You can’t even plant tomatoes in most Boston yet because it’s still too cold at night for tropical vines, but some people already have entire gardens ready to show off. Once again, the Hidden Gardens of Beacon Hill Tour has crept up on us. Thursday, May 17 is the 2012 date for the Beacon Hill Garden Club’s annual tour of secluded oases in some of Boston’s most exclusive courtyards.

These courtyards are tucked in between close-set urban buildings, so many of Beacon Hill’s hidden gardens don’t see a lot of sun. Expect to see foliage, bricks, foliage, shade, foliage, and perhaps some more bricks. All the bricks and foliage displays are exquisitely designed and maintained, of course, and beautiful. But there are limits to what you can do with plants in the shade in the spring, even on Beacon Hill.

Hidden Foliage of Beacon Hill

Hidden Foliage of Beacon Hill! (Wikimedia Commons)

If you can’t make it to the tour, you can read the book!