The Armenian Greenway Conservancy?

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UGL: Your New Parks Department

Commonwealth Magazine observed last week that the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy lost a bid to maintain the Armenian Heritage Park, a half-acre park that is located… on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. From Paul McMorrow’s piece:

James Kalustian, president of the Armenian Heritage Foundation, said the foundation recently selected the commercial property services firm UGL Services to maintain the Armenian Heritage Park. UGL has an office in Auburndale.

“The Conservancy bid provided significant value, but their price was a little bit higher” than UGL, Kalustian said, declining to be more specific. Conservancy officials declined comment.

The Greenway Conservancy did not mention UGL in its presentation of its five year business plan on Tuesday, according to the North End Waterfront. That plan assumes that a new Business Improvement District (BID) will contribute $1.9 million a year starting in 2014. Perhaps UGL will join.

Or perhaps the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, which owns the property, will simply contract with UGL to maintain the entire Greenway, and save money for everyone–and let the Conservancy become the Friends of the Greenway. I can dream, can’t I?

Poppies... I feel sleepy.../ Wikimedia Commons

Poppies… I feel sleepy…/ Wikimedia Commons